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jimothyjim earned achievements in Robert Ludlum's The Bourne Conspiracy

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jimothyjim said...
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Robert Ludlum's The Bourne Conspiracy

Robert Ludlum's The Bourne Conspiracy (X360)

Genre/Style: Action/Action Adventure
Release Date: 03/JUN/08
85 points
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where are you at so far?
Its weird you'd comment only 8 minutes before I sign in when I havent signed in for months :S Also I've completed it, I'm just grinding out the last few achievements
Yeah, I'm psychic like that.

How many times did you have to restart the Professor in the Barn fight?
I love this game and its hand to hand fight moves!!! Little game history, this game plays exactly like "the fugitive" (not related to the movie), a game on the ps2 that was never released.
wait, if it was never released how would you know it plays like this one?

I used to be a licensed beta tester awhile ago. Got the game a couple months before it was supposed to be released and it was great, but I guess the devs didn't think it would have an audience that would have a reason to buy it since they didn't advertise it at all (other than the small demo on a playstation underground disk) so they trashed it. I didn't see it as being more than a cult classic myself since the developers of it didn't seem to want to advertise it or give it any backing whatsoever. I remember telling myself "This is a game before its time".
so. just curious. what was it like?
the job. not the game. just to clarify.

Well since not many video game companies are based out of chicago I usually got a phone call or email from some person working with the devs asking me to test out the game. When things were slow I'd surf the net until I found some company looking for testers. If the company was based out of chicago sometimes they'd bring a group of us down to HQ and sit us in a room, give us some detail on what they wanted us to look for then let us play and jot down notes. Other than that they'd send the game to me through the mail with a letter asking me to write a couple pages about it. I'd get to keep the game and get paid after it was all over. The usual time period was about a week or two before everything was due.

There were a few lazy jerk companies though *cough* SONY AND ITS ENTIRETY *cough* that just sent the games in the mail without some sort of warning and expected me to just write about them. On one occasion Sony sent me a packaged (without warning) with a letter and a beta version of Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror for the psp asking me to write 12 freaking pages in THREE DAYS!!! What assholes!!! I decided not to do it. Of course after sony launched the playstation network a good portion of the inside beta testers got their pink slips because the devs could just put the demo on there and millions of people would comment about it. I basically blacklisted myself before all of this when I said that I simply couldn't afford the ps3, 360 or wii at the time they were released.

Its a fun experience when you're a kid and you rarely get a chance to get new games on your own. Too bad you won't be able to speak about the games to your friends since at times there's a strict "Do Not Disclose" rule on games. Remember: They're watching you. They're always watching you.
wow. It seems slightly fun yet dictatorial all at the same time.
LAte reply but i did that professor in the barn fight like second time. I got 1000/1000 in the end. The hand to hand fighting was pretty cool, but the game let itself down with some stupid checkpoints at times.It's amazing how such a simple mistake can really ruin the gameplay experience.
For me the fight took about 6 tries. I kept running out of time.
Well I played on the hardest difficulty from the very start so by the time I got to him I was pretty good at taking people down.
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