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jimothyjim's gameplay for The Sims 2: Deluxe (PC)

jimothyjim played The Sims 2: Deluxe

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jimothyjim said...
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Well into this game. The story so far:

I created Charles Greene, made him his own house. Quite large for a first house but I didn't have enough money to fill it with much. He had to grind a science career for a while for money but has since switched to his dream of being in the medical careeer.

It didn't take him long to fall for some Nina girl, so I thought I'd push that through and after a whirlwind romance they moved in together. At this point I realised she was a whore. Bad times. I also accidentally moved her sister in as well but that was too crowded for my liking so moved her straight back out. On the plus side, during the move in they brought 40k to the house between them so I bought a ton of new stuff.

I tried to make things work with Nina, I forced her into marrying me in the hope she'd see the light, but the only thing she ended up seeing was a Therapist. I didn't have the heart to let Charles find out so I kept Nina busy and away from any other men, whilst in the meantime I introduced Charles to some other women. He took a particular shine to someone from the Brooke family (forgot her first name) and before he knew what was happening he had a crush on her. She turned him down on several dates before finally giving in and they had a wonderful time. I felt a little guilty for going behind Ninas back, but she started this when she wormed her way into my/Charles' house.

Eventually the inevitable happend and Nina caught the two of them in the kitchen. She went nuts and slapped the pair of them, which I thought was a bit rich for someone whose aspirations were to kiss 3 different sims and to have public wahoo. Naturally the relationship went downhill quickly from there, partly down to the hate and partly down to the fact I forced them to fight. Eventually I told Nina to break up with him not realising that he would be moved out of the house. Naturally I went back to the neighbourhood, told him to get his ass back in that house and sent that tart packing instead.

After a few failed attempts Charles convinced this Brooke women to move in with him, although I'm pretty sure she left a husband and kid behind her. Neverthless the two of them are officially married and in love now. Charles is making his way up the Medical career ladder, however his wifes dream of enforcing the law willl have to wait as neither Sim are getting any younger and I'd like someone to carry on the family name (Greene) before it's too late. Both Sims are aspiring to a kid so it's just a matter of when really. My only worry is that with Charles concentrating on his career he might not be able to spend as much time with the newborn as he should.

Yes, I am far too involved in this game already...I'd be playing it right now but I have uni work :/
The Sims 2: Deluxe

The Sims 2: Deluxe (PC)

Genre/Style: Compilation/Simulation
Release Date: 08/MAY/07
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Yeah, you have to watch out for those Caliente sisters in Pleasantview, one's a whore, the other's a gold-digger.

And the new woman in his life, it isn't Brandi Broke is it? Because if it is, it isn't a husband you have to worry about, he's dead, but the bun he put in the oven before shuffling off his mortal coil. Good luck and keep us up-to-date.
yeah it was her.
Better buy a bassinet.
She comes pre-preggers.
So that' s why there was no have a kid option >.>
Yeah, lol. But she should still be young enough to give your sim some kids.
And, IIRC, she's a nice girl. Just kinda down on her luck losing her husband and all. He died, left a bun in the oven, and her to raise their toddler and juvenile delinquent teen by herself.

Actually, when your up to a challenge, the broke house might be quite an interesting challenge now that little JD Dustin has to juggle school, a job and raise his little brother.
I guess I should update my story now.
Man, if i had money or time.. GNAARG :D
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