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jimothyjim said...
So it turns out that Brandi did indeed come pre pregnated, but nevertheless Charles treated the newborn (George) as one of his own, although understandably disappointed that his DNA was dieing out.

George continued to grow up happily and as he hit childhood Brandi become pregnant with Charles, before giving birth to another boy, Frank this time.

Things were going smoothly at first, Charles was still rising through his dream job of the medical profession , but still finding time to teach his kids all the basics, then tragedy struck. Somehow when potty training Frank, Frank becoming stuck to his potty. Charles stood there trying to help him for a good 10 hours before action had to be taken, the potty had to be removed, however during the seperation process Frank was lost. By this time Charles was an elder, and realising just how fragile life can be he quit the medical profession to concentrate on his remaining non-biological son George.

George had a huge headstart on life. He was accepted into private school by the headmaster thanks to a tip top salmon meal from Brandi, a lot of ass kissing from Charles, and a delightful tour of the house from the pair of them.

With things going smoothly at home, and no children to take care of, Brandi finally started working on her dream job and joined the Law Enforcement career. With George excelling in school, and Brandi bringing home the bacon, Charles shuffled his mortal coil. He died an expert piano player and a master of chess. Brandi took the loss pretty hard, and her aspirations plummeted through the floor. George witnessed the death, but after a good cry and some spaghetti he soon got over it.

Charles' ashes now live on the bar, and although Brandi appears to be functioning normally, and following her career despite reaching the age of retirement the emotional scars are still clear. When left alone she often pulls out a sack of flour she calls her baby, and smothers it in powdery affection. She'd like to remarry however she's getting on in years, and she'd still like to reach her dream of ultimate crime fighter.

George is nearing the end of his teenage years now. He has already mastered logic, and is extremely creative and charismatic. He also dabbles in cooking and mechanics here and there. He aspires to fortune, which he could well achieve once getting out of school. No love interests at this point, but currently he is only after money and a variety of meals.

I'm personally intrigued to see what career path will come a-knocking for George as with his smarts he should be able to surge through most professions. I'm hoping Brandi will find some friends to cheer her up, and perhaps gain a few promotions to take her mind of her loss. Ideally I'd like to ween her off the flour baby but it appears that she's currently going to die clinging on to a bag of flour, with the twinkle having left her eyes years/days before her actual demise.
The Sims 2: Deluxe

The Sims 2: Deluxe (PC)

Genre/Style: Compilation/Simulation
Release Date: 08/MAY/07
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Very interesting, story, too bad Brandi took it so hard, but she'd already lost one husband while still quite young, it probably didn't help when she lost Charles. I wouldn't worry too much about the flower baby, my Cristi Breaker did that for a while after she lost her parents, but now she's nearly sane.

Also kudos on getting George in private school, that's the one thing I have the biggest trouble with in the game. I suspect that my sims just aren't that likable.

BTW, nice writing style, you tell the story very well.
LOL, I agree w/dowekeller - it was nicely written. So I have to ask how involved you both are in your games? Do you dictate their every move or do you turn the free will on high and let the chips fall where they may?
It's rather obvious from the social chaos in his screenshots that his sims are very free willed.
Speaking for myself, yeah total free will, I very infrequently direct my sims, and then only for the purposes of fulfilling their wants, and taking care of needs they cannot, such as sending them down to the corner bodega to buy groceries. I've known players to create plots and story arcs ahead of even creating the sims themselves, but I'd rather find out who they are as they blunder forward through their little lives (just like me).
I play the game sporadically. I have a vague idea of what my characters are gonna be like, like smart or creative, then i have a couple base things like find them a wife, but I don't go hunting for the storylines. It's 50% my doing and 50% random occurence I guess.
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