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jimothyjim reviews Speedball 2 (SMS)

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jimothyjim said...

A violent game of NFL/ rugby really but instead of touching the ball down you throw it into a goal, and obviously there's much fewer rules. I'm pretty sure injuring your other team was a bonus, and there were various ways of knocking them down, such as an electrocuted ball or a good old side shuffle shoulder smash. Only problem I had was that I could not beat the top teams no matter how hard I tried. This game was surprisingly in-depth and you could trade players and train them and even buy them new equipment I believe.

Game Traits applied to Speedball 2 (SMS) by jimothyjim

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  • Playing As:
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  • General Tone:
    Violent Sports
Speedball 2

Speedball 2 (SMS)

Genre/Style: Sports/Futuristic
Release Date:
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